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        Current position: About Us > Honors
        Chairman's AddressOverviewMilestonesGuobang CultureHonorsGroup members
        Major Awards and Recognition

        Major Awards and Recognition
        AAA credit rating for 21 consecutive years since 1998
        Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises, ACFIC Medical and Pharmaceutical Commercial Association 
        Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Overall Strength, ChemPharm Annual Summit 
        Outstanding Exporter of APIs, ChemPharm Annual Summit 
        Top Ten Member Exporters of APIs, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products
        Leading Enterprise in Environmental Protection, National Economic Development Zone
        Leading Enterprise in Production Safety, National Economic Development Zone
        Key High Tech Enterprise, China Torch Program 
        First Prize, Province Level Technological Progress Award

        Recent Awards and Recognition